Sweet Charity is an innovative collaboration between two invaluable non-for-profit organisations; The Grief Centre and Supporting Families New Zealand. In their unique ways, these organisations are dedicated to helping New Zealanders through times of mental wellbeing crisis and to build stronger more resilient communities.

Supporting Families provides the only independent service in New Zealand where any friend or family member can access direct help when they are concerned about the mental wellbeing of someone they care about.  The Grief Centre is a Charitable Trust, committed to providing support to those affected by any issues of grief and loss, through individual counselling and community wide training and education workshops.

Unsurprisingly, this support requires huge amounts of resources and many skilled professionals to meet demand, so, faced with long term financial sustainability challenges, Sweet Charity was established to support both organisations in their work for the community. 

With the help of dedicated volunteers and generous donations from users of the services, Sweet Charity opened in May 2017, in a small space in Glenfield on Auckland’s North Shore.

In May 2018 Sweet Charity launched their online store, becoming New Zealand’s first 100% not for profit online store, offering both recycled and new goods.