Sweet Charity

Sweet Charity is a super smart initiative between two charities who help people in crisis: The Grief Centre and Supporting Families New Zealand. 

The aim is simple but important: less new stuff  in the world, more funds for care and support where it’s most needed.

There are over 27 000 registered charities in New Zealand, spanning every imaginable sector that serves our communities, and not one of them can run on care and kindness alone.

Like many others, both The Grief Centre and Supporting Families walk a tightrope with budgets, and both volunteer support and financial donations are often the difference between survive and thrive.

That’s why they’ve come together to form Sweet Charity.

With the help of a handful of dedicated volunteers and the generous donations from grateful people who have used the charities’ services, Sweet Charity opened in May 2017, in a small space on Auckland’s North Shore.

A year later Sweet Charity launched their online store, becoming New Zealand’s first online second hand  store that allows shoppers to get something sweet while they give to charity.

 All you have to do to support these two incredible charities: browse this site and buy something.